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Nothing special just only web presence, here I gathered some information regarding myself and my work, I am not professional website developer so don't expect a professional quality business level website :)

I request to you to kindly visit my blog and let me know how it is and yes if you have some thing to share through it, I will be very much happy to included your article, news, update, even job opportunities information.

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Rhymes and Poems








English ABC

ABC Song For Kids Easy and Fun

ABC Song

Alphabets Song


English Poems

Nursery Rhymes - London Bridge is falling down

Nursery Rhymes - Alphabet Song

Nursery Rhymes - Alphabets

Nursery Rhymes - Baba Balck Sheep

Nursery Rhymes - Chuby Cheeks

Nursery Rhymes - Ek Do Teen

Nursery Rhymes - One Two Bukkle My Shoe

Nursery Rhymes - Jingle Bells

Nursery Rhymes -Ringa Rings Roses

Nursery Rhymes - Twinkle Twinkle Litter Star

Nursery Rhymes -Humpty Dumpty

Nursery Rhymes -Mary Had A Little Lamb




Six Kalmas

Pehla Kalma Tayyab

Urdu Alphabets



Dadi Maa Stories

Pyasa Kawwa

Dadi Maa Ki Kahani - Khara Samundar

Dadi Maa Ki Kahani - Waypari ka Gadha



Urdu/ Hindi Poems

Aalo Mian (Mr. Potato) Urdu

Aalo Palak Muli Gajar Urdu

Akkar Bakkar Bambay Bo - Urdu

Azra Ki Gurya Urdu

Billi Rani Urdu

Chanda Mana Urdu


Chulbuli New

Imandar Lakarhara Urdu

Larkri ki Kaathi

Larkti Ki Kaathi II

Machli Jal Ki Raani hai Animated

Machli Jal KI Raani hai

Tom & Jerry Hindi Song



Counting Number 1-10

Counting Song to 10

Counting Song to 30

Numbers 1 - 20 for Kids

10 Little Numbers

Count to 100



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