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Name: Atif Kamal
Location: Karachi, PK
Occupation: IT Professional

Hobbies & Interests: Computing, programming, electronics, NLP, Alternate Energy, reading and photography.

Favorite things:
Music: Jazz, Soul, Folk..

Books/Novels: so many like Kashf-ul-mehjoob, muraqba, Peer-e-Kamil, Ishq ka Ain, Meri zaat zarra-e-baynishan, Shahab Nama, Dasht-e-Soos, Talash, Labbaik, Abdullah, Man-o-Salwa, Muraqba, Loh-o-qalam, Zavia....

Movies: Back to the future, Bicentennial man, The Mummy, Artificial Intelligence, Men in black, Matrix...

Place: Any place where I’m happy

Curriculum Vitae:
What I’ve done. Check out my CV.

Why a personal website?
A website is one way you can communicate your difference, grow your network, and make connections across this planet. just because of this you are here on this page...



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