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7 Inch TFT Touch Screen LCD Pin outs


China made LCD comes with three connecting leads.


1. VGA (VGA DB15 male to DIN9 Male)

2. Power/AV (DIN 9 to Various)

3. USB (For touch screen functions)


here is the pin outs of first two leads of the LCD



(Images resized to display, save pictures with "save as..")


  DE 15 VGA Female

Pin 1 RED               Red video
Pin 2 GREEN           Green video
Pin 3 BLUE              Blue video
Pin 4 ID2/RES          formerly Monitor ID bit 2, reserved since E-DDC
Pin 5 GND               Ground (HSync)
Pin 6 RED_RTN        Red return
Pin 7 GREEN_RTN    Green return
Pin 8 BLUE_RTN       Blue return
Pin 9 KEY/PWR        formerly key, now +5V DC
Pin 10 GND              Ground (VSync, DDC)
Pin 11 ID0/RES         formerly Monitor ID bit 0, reserved since E-DDC
Pin 12 ID1/SDA        formerly Monitor ID bit 1, IC data since DDC2
Pin 13 HSync           Horizontal sync
Pin 14 VSync           Vertical sync
Pin 15 ID3/SCL        formerly Monitor ID bit 3, IC clock since DDC2




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