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Nothing special just only web presence, here I gathered some information regarding myself and my work, I am not professional website developer so don't expect a professional quality business level website :)

I request to you to kindly visit my blog and let me know how it is and yes if you have some thing to share through it, I will be very much happy to included your article, news, update, even job opportunities information.

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My CarPC


Thanks for visiting my Car PC section. In here you'll find information about the Car PC / Carputer I've built and installed into my 1990 Sedan. You will see links to each distinct section, and to the right there are more links related to the page you are on.

Although the idea of this project is almost few years old, there were some issues in getting accessories specially 7 " TFT Monitor, GPS, small from factor CPU with some DC to DC converter (power) as these accessories are not available (at least I can't find them in local market).

So I wished to make this project totally DIY with custom made devices as possible.

Now I have started the installation of CPU what I found suitable for my purpose, i preferred to do each and every thing by my self what is possible including wood work, and modification of the car electrical system off course I do not trust on electrician's "chotay..." and could not hand over my system for their experiments.

I've attempted to list as many links to components I've used to build the Car PC, from multiple suppliers for your convenience

What does it do?

The Car PC is able to play radio, music, DVD (or Divx) movies, connect to the internet, show maps through google, connect into the car's engine management system to show real-time data from the car's engine, warn about speed cameras, be used as a hand-free kit for my phone and perform navigation. It's controlled by using a touchscreen , with the primary software used being Windows XP. whenever I get a spare chance I'm thinking up new uses for it and working out the best way to implement them. .

Here's a run down of what it does so far..

  • Voice Control - Working

  • Satellite Navigation / GPS racking - In progress

  • Rear View Camera - Working

  • Internet Access - Working

  • Videos - Working

  • Radio - Working

  • MP3 Audio - Working

  • Mobile Phone hands free - Working

  • Car's OBD II Engine Management - My car doesn't support :(


Why not? The CarPC can do everything a bunch of expensive commercial systems will do, all through a single interface. It also feels a lot more rewarding to get it working just right yourself and know if you want it to do something more.

Hopefully, if you're thinking of upgrading  system to something a bit different from the norm, you'll find that building your own is a rewarding and interesting experience. Even if you are thinking of pre-built systems from suppliers, you will find that building you own is a lot cheaper, not much harder and a lot more fun!

How can I get help building my own Car PC?

Hopefully my site can help you and provide some inspiration and you can contact me if you would like a guide for something in particular or can't find the answer to a question you have.


Computer Case (Wood Frame)

Woody Wood Packer...

Shock Absorbers using springs...

Finished Box (carpeting):

The frame was finished by coating with normal car floor carpet pasted with adhesive

Ready to go :

Here is the finally finished CPU with "Shock Absorbers". frame ready to be installed in the trunk...

I will post installation pictures soon...

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