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Nothing special just only web presence, here I gathered some information regarding myself and my work, I am not professional website developer so don't expect a professional quality business level website :)

I request to you to kindly visit my blog and let me know how it is and yes if you have some thing to share through it, I will be very much happy to included your article, news, update, even job opportunities information.

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Miracle Of Islam - Nepal Minaret Flying


In Nepal local Muslims were making a mosque and they needed one of them big construction machines to left one of the dooms up the mosque high and place on top of the tower, but non Muslims refused so a white cloth dropped on the doom from the sky and the doom lifted by itself and when on of the tour. Notice how it gets placed right on the spot it is meant.

This video has been widely spread around internet and in cell phone world, I am as the author of this website would not accept or decline the subject but you can verify and judge the authenticity of the video.

Miracle in Islam are not fake always as I believe and a few miracles are still accepted after scientific verification. In present era, technology and media has changed the whole concept so analyze these sort of miracles at your own.



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