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Grey Parrots


The African Grey Parrot has been donned with two nicknames. The first is “The perfect mix of brains and beauty,” and the second one is “The Cadillac of Parrots.” One reason African Grey Parrots have these nicknames is because of their ability to talk. They far exceed the talking capabilities of other parrots.

Speaking words is not the only talent of the this amazing parrot. They are also known for being able to imitate things like phones, microwave ovens, answering machines, other birds, and chain saws.

African Grey's Intelligence:
African Grey Parrots are so intelligent and observant that they often notice everything that goes on in the house. They study every movement and reaction, plus they know how to get their owner’s attention whenever they want it. They are even capable of cause-and-effect thinking. Because these bird are so intelligent it's important to keep them stimulated while you're away. Natural parrot toys are a great way to accomplish that.

For example, many African Greys observe their owners running to the phone whenever it rings or to the microwave whenever it beeps. Then, they learn to mimic those sounds in order to make their owners run to them.

The most incredible aspect of African Grey Parrot is how they bond with humans. They can interact so completely that many people end up relating to them as if they are human. They are, however, still wild animals and it is important to be careful as you grow with them and train them to be good members of your family.

My Grey parrot !

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